Jun 17, 2010

More pubaffairs, fewer pledge drives for KCTS, CEO Bresnahan says

In the first of a two-part series today (June 17) on KCTS's CEO Moss Bresnahan, the Crosscut news website delves into the Seattle station's improving financial outlook and plans for the future. By year's end, Bresnahan said, KCTS will focus more efforts on civics and public affairs. It will partner with local NPR affiliate KPLU-FM and Investigate West, a nonprofit journalism group, on several projects. And it's making the weekly public affairs program KCTS Connects year-round, instead of taking a summer hiatus. Other projects include arts, history and science initiatives. The station is concentrating more on major giving and reducing pledge drives -- from 120 last year to just over 100 this year. Part two of the story concludes tomorrow with a look at the station's major giving techniques.

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Anonymous said...

I hope he meant to say "...100 pledge days per year", 'cuz 100 pledge drives a year is still pure insanity.