Mar 13, 2012

Attention RSSers: Exclusive to Current, commentary from outgoing APM exec Joaquin Alvarado

Public media's officially designated ambassador from (to?) the future was laid off this month amid American Public Media budget cuts. In a parting Current commentary he reflects warmly about rank-and-file station staffers but finds the decision-makers too risk-averse and homogeneous to prevent the system from being eclipsed. "The ratio of risk-takers among the stakeholders is not high enough in public broadcasting to motivate significant change," he writes.


  • "People tend to take risks when we have to. . . . But so far public broadcasting has not run out of options."
  • "The lack of diversity in public broadcasting should be someone’s responsibility. Whose is it? Who gets fired when we fail on our public commitments to diversity?"
  • "The architecture of public media has to be reimagined immediately or the millennials will build their own parallel universe separate from the public broadcasting universe their Boomer grandparents live in."

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