Aug 19, 2011

Keno brothers depart Antiques Roadshow for their own program on Fox

Twin brothers Leigh and Leslie Keno, known for their appraisal work since 1997 on the pubcasting hit Antiques Roadshow, premiere their own program, Buried Treasure, Aug. 24 on Fox. The two go on location, and "sleuth for worthy finds from basement to attic for people who are often down on their luck, facing money problems or illness," according to ArtFix Daily, an online arts news site.

Leigh Keno reports: "We have found treasures from all over the world, valuable and rare objects ranging from 1000 B.C., a Minoan bronze bowl with inscriptions that was buried under a pile of magazines ... and a rare Egyptian tomb figure with the figure of Osiris, polychrome painted, that was just sitting in a dresser."

Roadshow spokesperson Judy Matthews said the brothers didn't participate in this summer's production tour. "We wish them well," she added, saying they're always welcome to return.

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Anonymous said...

So when does the Minoan bowl go up for auction???