Jul 19, 2011

Public Media Chat leaders Tweet a fond farewell

The hosts of Monday night Public Media Chats, who have been conversing with the system in 140-character bursts since February 2010, signed off for the final time last night (July 18). "After well over a year (or has it been 2?) we feel that we have reached our initial goal — to get the #pubmedia community talking & sharing," they wrote. "All of your hosts love #pubmedia but due to personal, and professional obligations it's no longer feasible for us to host a weekly chat. Please continue to use the #pubmedia hashtag here, and be sure to join the Public Media Facebook group for further conversation. With much respect and adoration, farewell." Your hosts have been: Jonathan Coffman of PBS, Adam Schweigert of WOSU, Amy Wielunski of WSKG, online media strategist Amanda Hirsch and Annie Shreff of the WGBH Lab. Some discussions are archived here.

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