Jul 27, 2010

Sale of licenses could help NJN become a "model" of pubmedia, prof writes

The struggling New Jersey Network should turn into a public corporation, sell off several of its licenses and use that money to become a private community nonprofit. That would "turn it from an outdated television network into a model for multiplatform public media that fits the conditions of the twenty-first century." So says Princeton Prof. Paul Starr in "A Future for Public Media in New Jersey: How to Create a New Basis for Public Radio, TV, and Online Media in One of American Journalism's Worst Covered States." The Trenton-based think tank New Jersey Policy Perspective released the paper today (July 27) as statehouse discussions over the future of NJN continue (Current, July 6, 2010). "The hour is late to save NJN," Starr warns in the report.

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